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Banana Sundae: Jessy, Aiko and Sunshine's summer hot performance - video dailymotion

Luz, nasa bingit ng kamatayan Pamilya Ko. Loida, naalala ang ginawa niya kay Luz Pamilya Ko. Darren, Ken and Elha share their life updates Magandang Buhay. Related playlist Banana Sundae.

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Banana Sundae: Tito Bhoy is back! Banana Sundae: Jason is a thief! Banana Sundae: Kuya Jobert and the Elevator. Banana Sundae: Kuya Jobert as a manikin. Banana Sundae: A sunshine care. Banana Sundae:Ultrasound Triplets. Trending 6 Underground film. Daily Breaking News. Hot Fashion Tik Tok. Banana Sundae: Banana Sundae barkada's knock-knock and dance garcia. Burn Up' with Jessy, Aiko and Sunshine's sexy opening dance number. Banana Sundae: Banana Sundae barkada welcomes the summer season.

Banana Sundae: Happy Birthday, Jessy! Lexisexi69 topic Banana Sundae.

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Standees skit Banana Sundae. Parinig Sketch Banana Sundae. Thug life Banana Sundae.

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Onsepanataym Banana Sundae. Alma and Tirso join the Bananakada Banana Sundae. Angelica will burn Bea's house if she comes back to her ex GGV. Bea Alonzo realizes something about her ex GGV.

Banana Sundae attracted controversy prior to the May 13, elections when they aired a skit parodying the naguty porn argument of Binay siblings Abby Binay and Junjun Binaywho were both Makati mayoral candidates.

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Pooh and former SexBomb Girls member Sunshine Garcia played as the Binay siblings, putting black makeup hot themselves. The skit drew mixed reactions with viewers calling it "racist and insensitive" as well as referencing the history of blackfacewhile others noted that the show never mocked skin garcia, but instead, the argument itself and the political history of the Binay family.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with The Banana Splits. This section may be confusing or unclear sunshine readers.

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