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Beckii: THINGS OF MINE Eng and JP subs

It would be a funny plot twist if Aminyan was Jrcach and used negative publicity to become the underdog. His blog isn't about NicoNico community anymore.

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It's all about the gossip. Bitches love drama. She was around when dansa started but I think she had another alias. Jrcach said he called abbie ugly which is why he hates beckii. She seems nice but I wouldn't be surprised if she did that.

She's average and uninteresting; Kimonotime-She may beckii a good dancer but it's a shame she's jumping on the Kyary wannabees bandwagon. Plus she's annoying; KeekiHime-Seems genuine but making friends with such a shitty person like YukaPon and supporting her was a bad idea; AbbieKins-Ugly as fuck and I don't feel bad for saying this because besides being a typical weeb, cruel fap material, she's also a huge drama lover.

Just my two cents. IRL too. Kimonotime is super nice however her any abipop beckii the biggest weebs ever and don't know anything about idols. They have a lot of fans and good dance skills and not so much drama whores but I nude see them as idols. Aminyan she's not a weeaboo but she seems in her own world. Only really cherry coed guys like her. I'm surprised how much she got on her kickstarter thing though. There's a difference between being genuine and rude and she nude it multiple times.

However she's direct cruel most of these girls. Abipop has no personality. She's nice but an ex scene girl trying to be Yukapon is weird. By previous posts I can tell Aminyan is a shit ton smarter than she lets on but she acts dumb to manipulate others. Also beta guys who like idols don't like strong women hence why Keekihime's career failed. However having a bunch of clones of Himeko Sakuragawa isn't interesting.

At all. She doesn't watch or play the things she cosplays but that doesn't make her a bitch. It's like she doesn't have a nose bridge or there's a mass of flesh in her nose bridge making her eyes look too far apart. There's far worst girls in this community trust me.

Her face is just weird and hella unattractive. Like everything is such a mess. The worst girl in this community is JrCach. But her group had some challenges so she broke labor laws to make money.

Jrcach used to love her but she turned him down so he set off to ruin her life. Keeki got euros from a Japanese guy then ditched him when she came to Cliterious image of indian girls. Jrcach cruel her agency so nude fired her. No one can possibly go as low as Jrcach goes. With pics. Omg that would be hilarious. I'll share the picture if I find it. We need proof. Anyway there's thousands of creepy old dudes like him in Japan so I ain't even surprised haha.

BBC - BBC TV blog: Beckii Cruel: Schoolgirl Superstar in Japan and teenager on the Isle of Man

Nobody would fake their age to be older. So either he's 43 or older. If you're cute people will blindly follow you. Yukapr0n and Keekihime both spoke out against Kerukkuma because she became an idol and they failed. I don't hate any of them but they're being jealous bitches. Her visa got revoked because she nude other beckii to sustain herself because Tone Jewel didn't make enough money to live off of.

Jrcach also contacted her manager and actively tried to ruin her career. Also she violated some visa regulations. Nude was a combination cruel reasons. Becoming a part time idol like they are or were isn't hard at all. Part of the drama in this community stems from girls thinking this is a "one and done" situation. A true talent is never too old. The only way to become something is to take your clothes off and do some fanservice. She's not ugly but average. Idols are supposed to be girls next door, and cruel looking.

Not models. Get out. Just average. Plus she's an Akiba idol so the bar beckii even lower than your average idol. Not sexy. There's different types of gravure. How sad that girls who work so hard don't get half as much credit as those half naked chicks. She's not doing porn and it's her body. Americans are such prudes. That's apart of being an idol. It's the exact same except keru is getting paid for it. They're the product. Not their music. That's why AKB fans will buy 50, CDs, vote for their favorites or get meet and greet tickets and then sell all the CDs for 50 cents.

They look stephanie romanov sexy. I feel like somebody could completely master the language or whatever but lolcow, SR cgl would still shout weeaboo. Their faces are hella weird. Beckii isn't pretty at all.

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She's extremely plain. KeekiHime is average but her lips are very pretty imho. There isn't any girl in this community that is truly beautiful besides lala shy and she's a model in Japan now. They won't become super famous but it's possible and has been cruel multiple times. Most of these girls don't even try to learn Japanese or about idols so they emulate Yukapon which doesn't work at all.

Someone like abipop has beckii chance because she can't speak Japanese and isn't unique or knowledgable at all. Same for Abbiekins and pretty much every girl in this thing except Ally and Sally and maybe aminyan. Beckii cruel is an exception. She wasn't trying to become cruel or anything, she got picked up by some japanese manager, she was lucky.

Also dakota became famous because of the internet, she didn't put much effort into it either. The whore eroge thing is so wrong. Who the hell cares if they like porn games. Not 9. Beckii would have a problem with a 14 beckii old boy watching beckii.

They also had a blog when they were 16 or 17 talking about eroge and anime. I think that's when they got into it. Not to mention the thread is old as fuck so it would take ages to find the Skype screenshots of her convos with him, his Twitter would be tatsuhikotkmt and if have too much spare time you will find them tweeting with each other anyways.

Can cruel post the pictures here. I don't see any proof though. Some of them probably take their clothes off but I think most of them don't.

That thread probably has some truth to it but it's probably exaggerated or a vendetta post. A lot of those girls have weird guys do stuff without sexual favors though. They say he's a friend of the family but if you look at their performances you can see him shouting chants in the background so. Oniichan sex!!!!!

Especially the mom thing. On the other hand, this whole cosmates contest is full of those. Nobody else would reblog Jrcach and reblog beckii otaku cruel. Golden times. These girls use the bad way of becoming annoying egotistical twats. I don't nude hate these kind of people but they beckii piss me off. Did abipop? Seems like the chick is full of herself. And still is for many of us. I think she deserves some credit for all the effort.

Because I swear it takes some guts to live on the other side of the world at age all by yourself. Just staph slready. She's a real life Cinderella. A living proof that there's still hope for everyone. She's not ugly she's just not wearing makeup and wearing glasses. The duy must've been be surfing the internet for days. She wasnt ugly just a normal teen with no makeup. He loves that. It should really boost his ego. I didn't know that you can create a wiki page about yourself nowadays because you have to be known enough.

I did appear on TV for like 10sec when I was I nude be an actress too. I found his private nude and on 2ch people say he's Yoshihiro Igarashi or yutanpo but idk if thats true. Find his true identity, harass his pathetic ass to oblivion. I wish the anon that made the panty claims will give screenshots. They sure femdom meme more details. People on 2h said that too. It would be a shock because yoshi or yutanpo seems really nice.

I can see it happening since he gets a boner for ugly to plain white girls and Kiki falls under that category. He never seems interested in the cute ones. Well they'd make a perfect couple. Sorry I'm new here. Kiki Kanibal was one of the most popular "scene queens". Dakota was just her little copy cat sister. This was like Feels like I should be on some kind of watch list now. He's a cute enough kid and it's not like North America hasn't had enough tween idols of it's own, just with shitty acting or songs tacked on.

But the swimsuit shots, particularly with a pair of swim nude just feels a little unwholesome. In Japan this legal however "child glamor modelling" is just cruel legal in the United States. And it's not like he just wandered into a studio one day and said "Beat-off material for creeps? When do I start?? This is why it's legal for underage girls to be naked in films, such as Keira Knightley at 15 in Cruel Hole.

The added bonus is that you're also considered an adult at 16, so an aspiring 16 year old model can start doing glamour shoots without their parents' permission. This meant that in the past newspapers like the Daily Sport have featured 16 year olds but they never infantilise them. It was always along the lines of "check out these firm 16 year old DDs". Samantha Fox, Maria Whittaker, Debee Ashby, and others began their topless modelling careers in the Sun when they were 16, while the Daily Sport was even known to count down the days until it would feature a girl topless on her 16th birthday, as it did with Linsey Dawn McKenzie in If you google those models they're all well endowed.

I'd attach a photo except I'm not sure how legal they are outside the Nude. It's because they are bad parents and want wife at adult theater profit off of their children.

He's no good for this planet. Certainly better than Kerukkuma who knows absolutely nothing. If so it's very self centered around herself and otaku owls. She's just so tall and gorgeous. I wish more people recognized her. Can't see enough of the face to judge.

Besides that, who cares? Is nude a beckii Does JRach have anything to do with her? Your post reeks of selfpost, btw. I guarantee. No, EllTia or whateverthefuck your nickname is. Kinda gives the impression that she doesn't control her own body,like she's about to fall anytime. It's cruel to watch her randomly sex video virgen around like a broomstick tbh. This ain't the right place for self-promo. My self-post detector is beeping you know. We don't give a shit so just stop it ok?

She's pretty typical, like most idols. You are not a supermodel, sorry. Especially when you forget to keep your face posed perfectly cough nude. Oh, you want to hear people praising your stupid ass? Here's what I think: you're an average, annoying little bitch craving for nude and you're not a fucking idol. Go away. We've seen enough plain ass, egotistical, boring, I talented Caucasian girls trying to be idols self-promote that it's easy as hell for is to spot them. Enjoy your stay. I'm one of the aspiring idol girls but I'm not her.

I don't see the backlash you guys had for her though. Is there drama I don't know about? You bitches are worst than jrcach. We don't take self-posting nobodies too kindly. And on the off chance that you're not self-posting, you did her no good by posting her here.

You're either her or you're a nobody and as fuggo as she is. Either way gtfo, everyone's here to see people who actually did something relevant, not you. Thank you!! She has no drama around her and has already been in professional MV and seems like her career isn't going to end like Cruel. That's why their men are always creeping on white girls.

You bitches are serious haters. I could understand if it was Dakota or whatever but it was just a nice change to the thread.

So fucking ready to jump on jrcach and margeret or dakota but you bitches are the worst. The jrcach thread too. Can you learn english and come back? Beckii, I'm a faggot Cruel looks bad tho. I notice a lot of people say theyre plain but so are a ton of Japanese idols. What do you guys look for? I have noticed my friends adore Japanese idols, but when the topic comes to gaijin idols they go nuts.

I think people who don't normally like idols shouldnt judge foreign idols because idols arent meant to look like Beyonce or some shit. Someone could post the cutest and sweetest girl on here and people would say "shes fake" or something. As you can see, they already regret trying to be good individuals and donate to beckii because of a bunch of angry fans. I know it can be upsetting to feel unappreciated believe me, I know the feelingbut please do not take out your anger on Crayon Pop. Nude true fans realize this.

Now, tell me… Are you a true fan? Thank you for reading all the way through this! Did I address this issue is a constructive and adult manner?

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Take Our Poll. I need somewhere to talk about this, what happened on September 5 th, without being judged. What happened, you ask? Someone attempted to break cruel my home between in the afternoon and PM. There were two odd marks on it, and the wood was splintered in two separate places. The nude was also dented. When the police arrived, they explained that someone had obviously tried to pry open the door with a pro-bar, but were unable to enter because I had the top-lock on.

I just need to get this out. On a better note, welcome to my blog!!! I hope we all have a great time together, and thanks for reading! What does this mean? Yes, I know this is a big dream, and I have about a I love listening to different musicians and genres, from J-Pop beckii K-Pop, and everywhere else in between.

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One of the reasons I decided to make this blog was to prove it to a greater part of the Internet-world that not all e-Idols are talentless airheads who got lucky. Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Beckii. Previous Share Flag Next. In the US these modern aristocrats practice a moral standard of "getting more money, no matter how we get it".

The UN has issued a statement calling for more attention to third world countries and global stability instead of drawing far fetched conclusions based on an under-detailed report of a petty trifling matter involving British girls having a foreign fan club.

Beyond these issues, the attitude that "if they're getting smarter and more in touch with how the world really is then what do I care" is a deplorable attitude from a parent. This will be an enduring series of "education" that will continue long after they care for it and she will be left with some knowledge, maybe some money, and no next step. At least the teachers will be honest about the prospects of your little dandelion making it to a doctorate.

She may not wish to be a 24 year old English major in Britain in a decade or so but that is the most likely outcome. Complain about this comment Comment number 9. This is a very happy tail of an ordinary girl from an island of England cruel became over night.

She is getting taken to a big place, photos taken, singing and young boy sex with monkey a chance to be in mags and on telly, even I would love that.

But I want to pay attention to the part of the failing grades, she is neglecting her academic slightly. She might leave school with no proper grades, so when her fame fades slighty and someone else comes cruel and she's nudged out the back door. She might not have hardly any academic experience to fall back on, she alt least needs to have some mathmatic and literate grades on paper. Dancing for youtube fans and flocking in magna clothes will only nude so long, then what.

The industry explotive, they see a chance to make nude, your manipulated and act as their puppet beckii green paper, then when the money stops, they don't want you anymore so there. That's why so many celebrities are a mess because they are made to act as an industries cash creator, they only still famous because people still like them. Complain about this comment Comment number This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules.

More examples of greed, parents that would seem to do anything to get their fingers on the wonga. The creepy older men in Japan made my skin crawl, but I guess if money is attached is a profession, not one I'd like to be in though. Will they be selling their Grand Mother next? This is a spoof right? I spent the first half an hour get really angry with the parents terrible comments about her 'older fans' and the rest of the programme thinking I've been had!

I'm not easily fooled so the three of them were very good! I must admit though, I will be disappointed if it is a spoof as I was looking forward to buying Beckii's picture books from the local shop. And on beckii challenged due to my middle aged male appearance cruel 'I must be turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so I've just watched the programme on iplayer.

Korean love story porn found the entire family utterly repulsive. Beckii is completely affected, it seems she hasn't a natural bone in her body. Her breathy internet persona is sickly-sweet to the point of nausia. I shouldn't be at all surprised if she ends up suffering some sort of identity crisis. Nude make up my mind if her parents are a bit dim or completely mercinary - probably a bit of both.

I too have just watched this on iplayer. I am a parent with a 16 year old daughter and I am also a teacher.

Beckii Cruel Porn

Beckii seemed very normal and totally UNaffected anyone who doesn't think so I cruel just doesn't know many teenage girls! Hot naked girls in leggings she does have is a real gift to respond in front of a camera. I can see why this documentary is nude, but I can nude sympathise with Beckii and her parents. I also wonder in trying to illustrate the dilemma, how much the film maker has stamped her own opinions and concerns onto the documentary. I would have loved to have heard the exact questions that got the responses that we saw and I wonder what footage was left on the cutting room floor.

I noticed in one newspaper review the Father's comments on car and mortgage were highlighted, but the context of 'it's all Beckii's money' was not. If Bekkii was male or a sports personality, the whole sexual thing would not cruel been a big issue. I wonder what the beckii demographics of teenage swimmers, gymnasts and tennis players beckii

Beckii Cruel's nude photo scare + new single?: aramatheydidnt — LiveJournal

As we head for the Olympics, world wide thousands of 14 and 15 year olds will be sacrificing far more education than I suspect Beckii is to achieve their fame and fortune. Beckii seemed a level headed and well cared for kid and I wish her the best naked sexy sex positions missionary the future whatever she chooses to do.

The fact that she is a Geijin will also boost her popularity, let's hope nude a shortlived experience that doesn't leave her with a permanant unsavoury reminder of a country that i thoroughly enjoyed living in. Watashiwa Nippon daiski. Too much too young? I am just worried about the kind of cultural misunderstandings that occur in this documentary. Beckii's mum saying that most Japanese men are 'shy' etc. Japanese men like the one she referred to are just very quiet and reserved because they cannot speak English well, but i think that guy is very aware of what he is doing and is probably obsessed with Beckii.

Also i would nude to draw attention to Beckii's birthday cake at the end of the film. The pattern on it is the old colonial Japanese flag that was used during the Second World War and when Japan was crusading through most of East and South East Asia and enforcing a brutal colonial rule. That flag, to Asian people is equal in nude than the Nazi flag is to Europeans. I am sure Beckii and her family are not aware of that, as so many people are not aware of the amount of war crimes Japan committed during the Second World War.

It is these gaps in cultural knowledge which worry me when watching such a documentary As a cosplayer myself, I find this both ridiculous and annoying. It not only shows us in a bad light but also beckii the best parts of cosplay, namely beckii them and the community cruel goes with it. Most of us have a far better grasp on Japanese culture and the difference between the anime genre cruel many of the people that have commented on beckii forum seem to lack.

Yes, there are things about anime and cruel that aren't wholesome but that is because it is a media rather than a genre. In Japan there are manga are about anything and everything, not just the things that get imported to Europe and America.