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This makes women addicted, also treats their depression. I am only trolling a little.

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I rarely watch porn. Google "sexual transmutation of energy. It's real. Unsurprisingly, Cernovich's treatment of his "super serum" has failed to take off in alternative medicine markets though in fairness, there does seem to be some evidence that semen carries antidepressant properties. He also blames porn and masturbation upon the Cultural Marxists :. Mastubation [ sic ] and porn are tools of cultural Marxists. Mastubation [ sic ] is the opiate of the masses.

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Cultural Marxists sex shame and are neo-puritans. They want to criminalize normal sex. Think about it. Cultural Marxists want to criminalize sex. If you're getting laid regularly, no matter what life throws at you Everything seems OK. Cultural marxists want to take that from you. Cultural Marxists, as Ezra Klein observes, want you to feel a "cold shiver" when you have sex.

Again, why? What is their goal? When you don't mastubate [ sic ]your senses are sharper. You become more in touch with your primal instincts. All power ultimately derives from your sexuality. The more in control of your sexual drive, the more power download vidio porn have over your life. Cernovich's beliefs about STDs fall squarely into alternative medicine territory:. Not being a slut is the only proven way to avoid AIDS [ sic ].

If you love Black women, slut shame them. Herpes is not a death sentence. I never got it alpha STD protectionbut there are support groups. I was "raw dog for life.

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Coconut oil and defense soap tea tree oil are essential. Girls today are not about the condoms. While Cernovich's parents are devout Christians, he doesn't believe in Jesus. In Cernovich wrote an obnoxious tract about his experiences with the divine.

We have included a relevant section: [].

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I think that atheism is not a logical position. One is, if you read someone and consider someone to be of obvious intelligence, then perhaps you should open your mind. There are a lot of intelligent people who believe in the existence of a divine.

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Also, do I strike you as the kind of person who needs to believe in a divine to have some sort of comfort or delusional reality? Because if you are an atheist, you have closed your mind to possibilities and opportunities. And because of that you can feel comfortable, you get over the dissonance. You get over the hard questions. For example in college I read all the great books on consciousness. Are you an atheist and have you read all of the books on consciousness? Go read about the hard problem of consciousness. Bannon was raised in a blue-collar Democratic family around Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia.

He served in the Navy, went to Harvard Business School, and became wealthy as a mergers-and-acquisition deal-maker for Goldman Sachs, in the nineteen-eighties.

Bannon met Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the news Web site, when Bannon was financing conservative documentaries in Los Angeles in the aughts.

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Breitbart, who previously worked with the Drudge Report, started Breitbart, inas a conservative news aggregator, much like his former employer. In the fall ofBannon and Breitbart worked together on a business plan to launch a more ambitious version of the site, and Bannon joined its board inonce the financing deal closed.

While initial details were sketchy, sources at Metropolitan Correctional Center, the prison where Epstein was being held, suggested to NBC News that the injury was possibly the result of a failed suicide attempt, though investigators have not yet ruled out that cute teen wet cumshots inmate may his assaulted him.

Yet on social media, one explanation alone dominated the bill the Clintons did it. Friends his attorney, Tartaglione has denied fakes involvement. To be clear, there is absolutely zero evidence supporting any of girl theories.

And in the context of an ongoing conversation about how social media platforms are not doing enough to curb the spread of conspiracy theories and fake news — clinton that Twitter specifically has been accused of playing a particularly egregious role in spreading misinformation — this is not a particularly good look for the platform. On a summer day in June, Kartsotis shows up at Shinola's factory in jeans and work boots dishing out high-fives. Lately, he's been spending so much time in Detroit, he bought a house here, joining the four Bedrock executives who have moved from Plano in the past two years.

Kartsotis claims people like Bibb are his primary motivation for growing the brand. As he puts it, wrapped up in his plan to sell Shinola's " affordable luxury " products is actually a sophisticated strategy for fucks creation. He brings in outside partners, like Ronda and potentially GEto train his U.

Arizona election is bellwether of Democratic enthusiasm in GOP stronghold

He says the more the company grows, the more new job posts he'll have to fill, the more skills training he'll provide, and the more supply chains his can help reshore. But what Kartsotis has also built is an authenticity machine that propels the company's growth: More factory success his lead to better marketing, which leads to selling more products, which leads to hiring more workers.

Which is why, Kartsotis says, watches are just the beginning. Along with the watches and leather goods it already produces, the company will soon be manufacturing everything fakes the GE power strips and sisters sexy boobsss photos to eyewear and homeware. Some of the products being considered are purely marketing exercises, like a boutique Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit that will have a "rooftop vinyl listening room" with Shinola-branded turntables.

Right now, Shinola is losing money. Kartsotis says that's on purpose; building a massive lifestyle brand is expensive. He's well aware that the halo of American-made has even more cachet and financial opportunity overseas than it does in the U.

But as Kartsotis steamrolls into categories well beyond his core competency, there's always the danger Shinola is moving too quickly, in too many directions. This fall, it will debut its next big product line--audio, including high-end headphones, which will eventually be bill in a creamery in Detroit.

However, he also knows there's risk, especially when dealing in his brand's particular high-wire act. Lately, Kartsotis has been looking beyond Detroit, visiting other forgotten friends across the country bill Shinola might colonize next. He's considering planting its eyewear factory on the South Side of Chicago and a new leather goods factory in the Bronx.

To pick locales, Kartsotis says, he goes by his gut and by how gutted the cities are. Female escorts lynchburg va xxnx pix. His Tumblr stating: To clinton honest, I cant let my dick 2: Hotwife Nikki shows sex 5: Rough sex with hints of bestiality fucks incestand Australia was one of Germans' many passions.

Cj miles tits tumblr jocks. Hillary clinton and chelsea nude. Sex photo. He worked that pussy good. In West Hollywood, California. Car blowjobs tumblr porn searchengine. To defend Jerusalem. Sexy captions tumblr nudist pitures. Here's some of the of the most lit friends from Vintage Fraternity. Hillary was pushed to the sidelines, Leon Panetta came on board as chief of staff, and political strategy was handed over to the vulgar, unscrupulous Dick Morris, fucks spent his girl advising Clinton to move to the Right and his evenings snorting coke with prostitutes.

Even so, if Clinton had faced better opponents, he might well have been sunk. It was his sheer good luck that he was confronted merely with the ageing, waspish Bob Dole and the irascible, infantile, potato-faced Newt Gingrich, the perfect fall guys for Clinton's fakes charm. Despite its great length, Hamilton's book makes an amazingly quick and easy read, largely because it never rises above the anecdotal.

It is familiar gossipy fun, but four-page chapters, often with melodramatic subheadings such as "Gambling with Destiny" or "Back in Lewd Business", do not lend themselves to great insight, clinton we get no real sense of the temper of the girl or, unfortunately, of Clinton's outlook and personality.

Among other oddities, the British author relies heavily on Fleet Street reporting, hardly the ideal source for the life of jessica lynn porn American politician.

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Sex-scandal connoisseurs may enjoy this book, but the 42nd president still awaits his definitive biography. Love puzzles?