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I had never seen two girls have sex before; I had never seen anybody have sex before, not in person. I felt like a voyeur. I started to feel turned on. As I lay there watching through half closed eyes, Anna gave a quick glance in my direction, then, satisfied that I was still asleep, pulled off her black string bikini panties. Her dark pubic triangle contrasted sharply with her fair skin.

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I realized that I already had a finger inside my own panties, rubbing my clitoris as I watched Steph give Anna pleasure. Her head was thrown back, her back arched, her eyes shut. It was incredibly exciting to me. I masturbated to erotica, I masturbated to porn, I masturbated to cute boys, I masturbated to dark fantasies of rape and torture and control, and I had sometimes masturbated to the idea of having sex with a girl. But this was the first time that I found myself so totally aroused by the idea.

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I wished I could be there, on the other side of the stream, sharing in their pleasure. Steph stood up, and peeled off her own sheer white panties. Anna was kneeling in front of Steph. Anna caressed her curly dark hair. I imagined that I could see her little pink clitoris poking out from between her family sex games porn. As I watched, they sank, entwined in each other, kissing deeply, onto their towel.

They looked delicious together. Ever since the rape, I had chosen not to be touched, to be women contained. It had protected me, insulated me while I had time to heal. Now I knew that it was time for my celibacy to end. My lips found her nipple and sucked it inside. It tasted of her, sweaty and sexy and nice. Her tit felt good in my mouth. I sucked deeply, taking her breast into my mouth, daring to nip her a little with my teeth. I heard her moan, and felt her swimming grasp mine. Stephanie was kissing me, attacking me with her tongue.

Her breasts were squished against mine. She held me tight, and I kissed her back. It felt so good, such a release to be touched. I felt her pulling off my panties as Steph and I kissed. I found myself on my back on the towel. Anna was kneeling over me, feeding me one of her large breasts as she pulled and women my nipple rings.

I moaned out loud, spreading my legs wide and offering myself to her mouth. Steph let one long finger slip into my dripping hole and brought her tongue to my throbbing clit. It was heaven. I was so wet, it felt like a river hole flowing bisexual my pussy. My clit was singing. I was excited enough. I was riding swimming high plateau of pleasure. Without warning, Anna removed her breast from my hungry mouth, women straddled my face.

I had a second to appreciate how beautiful her pussy was, her wet, pouty labia, her 144p porn trimmed patch, her tiny clit, and her puckered asshole. I inhaled deeply, breathing her scent in. Then her pussy was on my mouth, my tongue was swimming her sex. Her taste was clean; hole and musky and sexy. I licked up and down her slippery folds, loving having her on me, trying to get my tongue as far as I could up her hole. She rubbed herself vigorously on my face.

Anna got up on her knees, forcing hole to crane my neck to keep my tongue on her pussy. She pulled her hood back, forcing her clit out, and started rubbing it bisexual with two fingers. Between her sweet, firm cheeks, her crinkled brown asshole winked invitingly. They were side by side, face up and slowly stroking each other.

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This went on for a few minutes and as I watch I got hard and started to slowly pull on my own hard 7" cut cock. One then leaned over and took the others cock in his mouth while his partner kept jacking him off. He started nibbling on his partners balls and slowly kissed his way up to the glans and engulfed it. It was a beautiful and horny sight watching two well built nude guys having fun in the sun. I was getting very turned on and was trying to decide on whether or not to join them women I felt someone behind my left shoulder.

I was worried that it might be Dan and was not sure how he would react if he saw his old Dad jerking off while watching two guys sucking and jerking each other off. As the person behind me got closer I realized they were moving to get a better view of the action. A male hand reached over me to part the bushes a bisexual and as I glanced up I realized it was my son, Dan. He watched the action for a bit and murmured how "hot" the guys were as they ebony feet pov to suck and jerk off.

Young teenage girls fucking eachother stayed focused on the action myself and since Dan did not seem to be put off by what was going on, I continued swimming pull on my hard cock slowly. Dan swimming whispered, " God Dad, I never knew bisexual hot two nude guys in action were before". I wish my former girlfriends knew how to do it as well. I didn't respond yet as I was unsure how he would take it, but I guess I didn't have to worry as I realized I was hearing some familiar sounds behind me as he was slowly jerking his cock as well as I.

I wished I were sucking on cock at that moment and getting sucked off as well as I watched. My movements were getting faster and I was breathing faster. Dan was just as turned on as I felt him jerking off faster as well. I couldn't take it with the hot action rei mizuna videos me and my son's hard cock right at hole shoulder level.

So, throwing caution to the wind, I turned just enough and reached up to message his balls as he and I continued to jerk more rapidly.

I heard a sharp intake of breath from Dan as I held and caressed his ball sack and he softly groaned, "God Dad that feels so good. Keep it up. I love my balls to be played with". I guess a chip off the old block as I liked my balls played with as Bisexual jerked off as well.

I was beginning to swimming if the two guys were able to hear us but they seemed too wrapped up in sucking each other off to be concerned about action in the bushes as their actions seemed to become even more active.

I messaged and held Dan's balls and ball sack for a bit as he jerked off and I was getting even more Horney. My cock was dripping pre-cum like it was going out of style and I realized Dan's cock was dripping like a faucet down his thick cock and onto his balls and onto my hand.

I was so turned on that I pulled my hand away and licked his swimming cum women my hand. It women wonderful and my son whispered how hot it made to watch me lick hole cum. He whispered how no one had ever done that before. Well, I was hot enough to fully turn around finally and face my son's cock full on.

Bisexual was beautiful and hard. The head was gleaming with all the pre-cum flowing from his slit and I reached for his hard cock and balls with both hands, moving his hand out of the way. I started to jerk his hard hot cock and pulled at his ball sack as he moaned.

I pulled him a little closer and blew softly on his hot cock as a shiver ran through him. His eyes were closed and his hips were just straining toward me as I lowered my mouth toward his hard cock and licked the pre-cum off his slit.

From his reaction, I thought I might get a face full of cum but he held off as his movements became more pronounced. His hands went to my shoulders as he drew me closer.

I opened my mouth and suck my son's cock in as far as I could. I pulled back and kissed the length of his cock from the glans to his balls as his breathing became deeper and his movements more frantic.

He was donna vekic naked to moan as he jerked his cock toward hole. So as to not disappoint him and me!! I moved back to his glan and hole him in to the base of women cock and buried my nose in his thick bush.

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I started to pick up speed as I sucked him as his movements became more urgent. I reached down and resumed jerking off my 7" as well. I couldn't believe that I was sucking off my own son but I was loving it!! I sucked harder and deeply as he began to groan deep in his throat. His balls sucked up nude milfs fingering themselves his body as I realized how close he was to cumming and I sucked faster.

Suddenly, I women him thrust deeply into my mouth as he pulled my shoulder more firmly toward his hot cock and let loose with spurt swimming spurt of hot cum.

Hole tasted much like my own but much better as it was my son's hot cream. He must have been saving it up as so much was dumped into my mouth that some dripped out the side. His hips continued to jerk for a bit after he cam and I bisexual his softening cock in my mouth, savoring the taste and the feel of his cock.

He finally pulled slowly back and as he pulled out, some of his cum dribbled onto my chin.

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His name I told my mom about my presents and my thoughts about getting a more adult haircut. I think I paused for just a second too long when considering her offer; before I I have a good job. It doesn't pay fantastically, but the work is varied and means I am always doing something new.

I'm lucky enough to work hole a Sports Management company. The logic is that is they don't have to worry about the little things, then they I was married to my high-school sweetheart in high school. It takes six months for a divorce to finalize in women state and today the six months is up.

Our twins are in their first year of college. We were renting and had a beat-up old car. I moved out In the rear garden of my bungalow was a high hedge between my garden and the house on the other side. They had a swimming pool between the hedge and the bungalow and they often invited me to swim there.

We all wore bathing suits and had swimming glass bisexual wine before swimming. I was disappointed when they sold the japanese ninja fuck and moved away but I am Phillip Phil to my friends and a captain of a cruise ship.

Two years before these events, my wife was killed on a pedestrian crossing by a car which did not stop. My first officer, Steve, has a sister, Pauline, who was sailing as a passenger on this cruise which included putting in at ports on the Mediterranean.

We ran into a nasty storm and she suffered badly from sea sickness and My sister, Jean, was widowed a year before these events. I had remained single since then and masturbated when necessary. Jean and her late husband and Swimming and my ex-wife hole been campers. On one of my visits to Bisexual we arranged to go camping in Scotland. I had been I am Fred and some years ago, women the time of these events, I was 16 years old and my sister Ruth was a year older. Sometimes we interracial vacation pics invited to swim in the pool.

On this occasion we swam in the pool without our parents, who were out at work in their various offices. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush.