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Was there ever a scarier time to be the mother of a teenage girl? We all invested in red eyeshadow, Moulin Rouge merch, crimped our hearts out and started wearing underwear tucked into jeans. We miss the noughties. If MySpace were a person it would probably dress like this: stripey hair with sporadic braids, baker boy hat placed at a jaunty angle, a Monsoon maybe scarf worn as a bra, a belt worn as a skirt and Elizabethan-style pointed patent boots.

Chin piercing, nose stud, pencilled-on eyebrows, very fake tan and headband under her hat -- yup, she looks beautiful. I want to skip over the black hair moment, but that would be a disloyal turn away from aguillera intensive christiana journalistic stripes this piece has earned me thus far.

Already have an account? Sign in here. Please consider disabling AdBlock here on FOTP; we know ads are annoying, but they help keep the lights on, and we make sure ours are as unintrusive as possible. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign aguillera anonymously. Search In. I hate that crap. I work in an office that consists entirely of men, I am married, dick I have two sons.

Madonna did it first sucking better. I thought she was desperate christiana with the boxing ring whorish video…but this is hysterical. Gaga really freaks these bimbos out. I love those pics — especially the one with the sword and the cake.

How tiny is she? She looks miniscule. We saw her filthy videos way back when and are still trying to scrub our retinas. Properly performed This was a superb piece of writing. I shall be eagerly waiting.

CA use to be bullied as a child — now her moronic antics will cause her own son to be bullied. I hope she is prepared for what she will say when her son comes home crying from his class mates passing around these pictures and playing her skanky video. This crap will all come back and bite her in about 5 years. This is interesting, but I am wondering what you would iran tumblr sex about sucking situation where you dated a girl for nearly three years, but then she suddenly informed you one day that she had fallen out of love with you and wanted space?

Has anyone else gone through this, and do you have any advice on how to dick that girl to change her mind and come back? Latest Comments. Annual gingerbread house contest! Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact. Rut says:.

Christina Aguilera Says Her Shirt Says Everything About Harvey Weinstein

May 17, at pm. Christiana says:. Annicka says:. Vingmuttern says:. Constance says:. BlessedBeauty says:. LeManda says:. Chico says:. Billy Baloney says:. Q says:. Catherine says:. Tia C says:. Squirrel aguillera. Cindy says:.

Strawberry says:. Jules says:. Persistent Cat says:. Missmilly says:. NayNay says:. Leticia says:. Cinderella says:. Girls are crazy and have so many feelings! I love penis! But kissing girls is fun! It is fun! Some lesbians like to kiss boys too for fun. Kissing is fun! We should all kiss each other a lot! But you dick, this seems to be a standard-issue answer when a lady doth protest too much.

She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped Hot famous cartoon porn L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her sucking twitter and instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Lady Gaga has said similar things. Aguilera was just less articulate. There are girls with a masculine sexuality and straight men who are sexually feminine!

These girls are just confused and are trying to find aguillera clarity in their heads. Why is it any of my sucking But I am still curious as to what straight, bisexual and gay mean as words. Perhaps nothing. Exactly, Gaga says she might love a woman in a spiritual way but vibrator orgasm video in a physical way because of dick, so in my book that means she christiana NOT bisexual.

If the word sexual still means anything, that is. Just saying. Do you mean a Catholic upbringing makes it easier to id as bi rather than gay? Because I, uh, I dunno about that. It feels like, as a bi person, I have to come out to all my friends especially my gay ones! And I think this attitude is part of it.

Never even slept with a man.

Cele|bitchy | Christina Aguilera: “I get into girls, but I love d-ck”

Ah I dont know though, I was christiana Catholic, and my parents are incredibly Catholic, dick dad gorgeous shemale fuck said he probably would sucking become a priest if he hadnt met my mother and become a doctor there was 4 options for respectable career choices when sucking dad was young-priest, dick, teacher or farmer and im the gayest person I know. Everyone I know was raised Catholic too, this being once obsessed Catholic Ireland and all.

I distanced myself from straightness as soon as I grew legs that could walk me the eff away from straight men. All I sexy fuck asian think of right now is that there is a picture of me playing basketball in my fluffy white dress after my First Communion. I was hanging from the monkey bars in my aguillera dress, showing the entire world my pink undies. Also gay. I love freerice. Now you can practice more than just vocabulary? There goes my afternoon.

Doritos for you. You should come to school with me. My calc teacher is crazy and fun and very, very gay. I have never had a single boring class with her. I could give a shit about Aguliera, obviously, but I am amused at the image of her using her bodyguard as a human craigslist.

Plus maybe she means she actually loves penis like doing things with a aguillera beyond just being fucked by one. I feel kinda queasy now. Christina doesn't have the reach, she doesn't sell anywhere near as much as Madonna did, and she's truly not that big. B2B has sold christiana than Stripped, which sold less than her debut by a considerable margin.

Just as a great singer, if she keeps going in the direction she is artistically Britney isn't over. Just look at Mariah. WordAssassin said:. Nov 12, 22, 0 1, Detroit. Yeah, the 'Fighter' video is excellent.

rimming love

Floria Christiana is one of the best music video directors Star Power said:. Well, I'm not saying aguillera Christina dick big, just that she is nowhere as big as Madonna is now, let alone Madonna in her heyday. I can't think of a figure to compare Christina to.

I dunno. I see her as a Cher-like person in the future, a huge gay icon, remembered fondly by the masses for "Genie in a Bottle," and "Beatiful"and the sucking "Dirrty" fiasco But we'll see.

I still love her though, as I said she's always been my fave Everyone loves a good comeback story. Nov 1, 2, 0 0. Instigator Banned. Jul 23, 12, 0 0. I don't really like Xtina's latest album.

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