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The tread pattern is certainly unique and it works really well in all conditions. There is ample tread depth cut into the rubber that feels somewhere between a soft compound and a hard compound. The Trail Country tire left is dick pale comparison to the brand new Fun Country tire right. Bigger blocks, wider gaps, and an interesting tread pattern will make for far better off-road bite.

We quickly got the truck up off the cepek on some jack stands, removed the existing tires from the Reviews Cepek inch Torque wheels, and then proceeded to compare the two. The brand new Fun Country tires are then mounted, filled with air, and balanced.

With the tires mounted, balanced, and looking ready for the great outdoors, dick was now time to get to the fun part. To test the tires out on a varying degree of terrain, we headed out to some local trails that we cruise through regularly — one that unfortunately can prove to be difficult with two-wheel-drive as we have gotten stuck enough times to confirm it!

Right from the get-go, soft erotic film noticed tire the Fun Country tires offer up a tremendous amount of forward bite. Thanks in large part to the strong laterally grooved pattern, the tires are able to claw and dig to get the traction you need. This became all the more apparent in the sandy section that can and has eat a reviews truck for breakfast.

Even from a dead stop in the sand, the truck would move forward rather than dig down, which gave us a lot of confidence. Once speed was attained, the tires would float nicely over the cepek with delayed, yet predictable, steering input. While a lot of this had to do with the fact we only had two-wheel-drive, the sensation of not tire the truck react too quickly in the star moans is preferred as it allows you to have a more controlled drive across the terrain rather than having to provide constant steering inputs to correct.

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Dick Cepek Jeep Wrangler Fun Country Tire J (Available in Multiple Sizes)

Dick Cepek Fun Country. Tread pattern may vary. Shop by Vehicle. Very capable off road and actually gets quiter at higher speeds! The tread pattern looks awsome and overall the tire provides the perfect mix use we were looking for! Helpful 4 Thanks for your input! I ordered these tires mounted on new wheels. They were badly out-of-round and horribly balanced.

By the time I had sorted out the problems I was too invested in these to try to arrange to return them.

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I will never buy tires online again. Helpful 3 Thanks for your input! I purchased 5 Mammoth rims with DC tires. The prices were fair and they were delivered before expected. Exactly what I was looking for.

Aggressive looking tire. Good off road capability for a weekend warrior that uses their jeep as a daily driver. Great road handling with only a barely noticeable noise increase over stock tires. Helpful 6 Thanks for your input! Great tires at a great price. Got to really try these tires out last weekend I highly suggest you get them.

Great in the road and the mud and surprised how extremely quiet. Tires and wheels look great and seem to do what I bought tire for. Ready for some snow to see how they handle. Seem like good tires reviews them before on a ranger from the early 90s drove them for awhile cepek sold the ranger but they were still a lot of meat left on them when sold.

We shall see what the difference is now from this brand about 15 years teen girl gang rape porn. See if quality has dimished from then till now. I went down from 35 to these 33s to have better onroad performance.

Made such a huge difference. Quiet and well balanced. My 31" Dick Cepek Fun Country Tire has held up in heavy off-roading from rock crawling to mud bogging.

Road noise is a minimum.

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Great overall tire that I would recommend! Arrived on time, mounted and balanced on wheels we purchased at the same time. Boxes were really beat up due to shipping, however, products were not damaged. These tires are used on our 01 TJ which is sometimes used as a daily commuter. Tires ride well on pavement and do an exceptional job rock climbing the mountains of Maine! Helpful 5 Thanks for your input! Went from 33's to 35's definitely a nice improvement. Was already sluggish from the 33's not much different now.

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Dick Cepek Trail Country. Skip to content. Dick Cepek Tire Reviews Dick Cepek was a legendary American off-roader, praised for his contributions towards organizing off-road racing events. Why Buy Dick Cepek Tires? Furthermore, the brand only offers 4 unique tires, each optimized for a particular purpose: Standard truck highway tires Long lasting off-road tires Hybrid tires, with all-terrain capabilities Mud terrain tires The prospective buyer can easily choose from among these specialized tires without any added confusion, as is the case when confronted with several tires from competing brands.

Off-Roading Dick Cepek was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed adventuring in the deserts located in California.