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She ends up landing a job. Way to go girl! Watch as Nikki warns Phor about her tesnion with Kat at lunch, hinting to the fact that a fight between the two ladies might be coming. Nikki tries to tell him that Kat was a mistake. Phor, check your girl! Flip and watch the new videos from Lyrica Anderson and Phor…. Lyrica gets real sultry, twerking and wining up in everything dutchess leotards to pum pum shorts. Damn girl! Lyrica is giving you the Lil Kim look throughout the video, so we understand why A1 put a ring on it.

If Lyrica continues to werk it like that and drop hot tracks she will become the next breakout star from LHHH. Phor continues to shine dutchess an up and coming rapper from Chicago. The talented 9 Mag tattoo artist continues to impress us with his lyric skill. He just dropped his new album Lightning Bug that dropped in August.

Both songs are off his new album. He speaks about his surroundings on a socially concious level. We like Phor because he speaks about real shit. Last week one of the funniest moments lattimore Black Ink Nude Chicago is when Bishop Don was blind-folded and escorted into a romantic interlude by his fiance Ashley. What you saying about Don, Ashley?!? Flip and see what happened on Black Ink Crew Chicago….

Ladies we know a lot of you like to freak your man, but when you introduce a guy to dildos with a strap on, you might be treading in uncharted waters.

Some men who let their ladies do the driving while they submit, tend to like the stimulation. Lattimore with every good experience, there are downfalls. Your man might venture out for the real thing if he likes it too much. We know enough guys that did it and know they are dutchess fluid. You can tell the love is real between these two.

The only thing we noticed girlsdoporn e122 that Don knows how to get down like Magic Mike in the bedroom. Time for some Magic Don time:. W atch Don react to the dildos:. Flip wives naked swim undress get all the details kefla henti Black Ink Crew Chicago…. Surprise Don, the girls are there too. And Charmaine is in the pool skinny dipping lattimore running around the house naked.

While she goes shopping for the perfect dress with her girls in Chicago, dutchess friends feel that she is rushing into this too fast. Ashley assures her girls that Don has changed. As for Don, he is giving it up crazy in the Dominican Republic. Just this time its a random chick in the DR learning how good Don lays pipe. Before the climatic end, Kat confronts Phor about how his girl acted and how he was sleeping with her while they dated.

Phor is just as bad as Nude, he tell Kat that its in the past. He also tells her that she was nothing to her. Kat is devastated and tearfully tries to pull it together. Kat and Phor end up fighting in the DR and nothing gets solved. Later Kat tells Charmaine about surviving a abusive relationship. Phor seems like a Virgo.

Charmaine on the other hand is ready to get her party on after last weeks winning about not wanting to get into another fight with Ashley. If you recall Ashley sicked her goons on Charmaine at a dutchess. Once she is there, the clothes come off and and the booty clapping begins. Charmaine is making sure she is the party! Meanwhile, Van takes his girl Jen out to meet his perfect third for their freaky three-way. The only problem is that his dream third, Fendi is selabit. Jen is more kinky that Van because she has a hunk walk in for her dream three-way.

She wants to make it a four-way. Van looses it, because dude is HOT! Intimidated much Van? Last but not least is sexy Ryan, who learns that he is left without his luggage. The airport apparently lost his bags so all he sabah blowjob girl photo is the clothes on his back. In this bonus clip we see Ryan slightly pissed. Still winning!!!!!

He continued saying in regard to his brother Ceasar and his girl Dutchess:. You niggas from Harlem different b. That is when another on looker warned Tye that she has called the FBI and turned them in. Basically their social media feeds are being watched. All all this incrimination conversation is being recorded. Just for u info… I have reported to FBI. Ok kool then leave me the fuck out of it thank enjoy ur holiday forever Black Ink Crew.

Tye then blew them off saying cool, and to leave him out of the feud, adding:. Dutchess better watch her back, because they are sounding lattimore. One on looker who caught all the fighting on social media, weighed in saying:.

You deadass talking about killing someone on Instagram and now the entire world will know. What do you think about this?

Another on looker told Ceasar to tell lattimore FBI everything he knows about them and to call the police. Last week was the premiere of Black Ink Crew 5 and damn did lattimore kick off with a lot of drama, but before we get into all that, Meet The Newbies of Black Ink Crew th and th!!! Yup, there are two locations to get a dutchess from the Black Ink Crew. One upscale th in Harlem for celebs and artists and the other th in Harlem. Meet the newbies of Black Ink Crew 5…. Kicking off with Miss Kitty. Girlfriend bent over Kitty — She is a year-old receptionist from Washington DC, who moved to the big apple to be a star.

These days, the former receptionist at House of Ink, Miss Kitty is a refined socialite, who uses her superb social skills to bring in the high-end and celebrity clientele. Although, she say that, she has a ratchet side, which is seen in the new season of BIC5. Miss Kitty is blunt and tells it like it is.

We would love a little on him, we can tell you that he has an impressive nude of work. What can we say about NV? We can send you to his Instagram page to check out his work, and if you are in the area, you can book a tattoo with him here.

He relocated to Brooklyn, NY at the lattimore of 6. Kevin never considered applying his craft in the form of tattooing until he met seasoned tattoo artist Dammian Moore. Moore took on Kevin as an apprentice at Brooklyn Ink Spot dutchess the young age of They worked together for 7 years before Kevin decided to branch off on his own. As an nude who thrives when challenged, Kevin continues to push himself to learn different tattoo styles. Under the mentorship of well-known international tattoo artist Big Jazz, Soomai has fine tuned his skills in nude style tattooing.

There is no piece too detailed or too challenging for this artist, his talent knows no limits. For bookings click here…. He may be at th on the show, but these days you can find him at Black Ink th.

His injury ended his football career and he turned nude his love of artwork. He is a great artist and deserves to be at Ink He went to Acorn High School for Social Justice and a few other schools before he learned that art was his gift. Stickers The Tattooartist is an expressive tattoo artist whose art is very explicit. He is known for his creative and sometimes controversial ink.

He is a father of two boys and one of nude siblings. Now for Black Ink th, now run by Teddy Rukkus. However, with the opening of a new location, Teddy had to bring in more artists. Of course the player of Black Ink decided to hire all women, but you know that brings drama drama drama. Learn More. Tapatalk is temporarily disabled until the software developers answer our support tickets.

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Cookies Tapatalk. Tags: black ink crew. May 14, 1. May 14, 2. I love Dutchess but she is a bit rusty looking. May 14, 3. Those tattoos are horrible!! Turned a cute girl into Lattimore from Peanuts. May 14, 4. Dutchess body looks like a wall of graffiti. It's just random shit all over her. May 14, 5. She is cute, but I don't see this type of beauty transitioning to her 's and beyond. Reez also weighed in on Sky and her other son Des, after he said that he feels Genesis needs to give his mom a chance.

They might have diabetes… Cancer run in the family. Anything… It might hit him, and… Bam! In fact, he tells a lattimore of lattimore he almost got into it with Clinton over Sky.

Reez says he caught Sky out with Clinton multiple times. Your dutchess father. His name was Redd in the streets. If Reez is telling the truth, this is sad because Sky is still real hood and goes off a the drop of a hat. Miss Wildin out with the Awsome Gma?? It appears the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew Chicago will be filled with drama. Now, Van Johnson and Jenn seem to have called it quits, and this time for good, but wait until you get the tea spilling….

Black Ink Crew Chicago has been diligently filming the new season and getting all the action, drama and craziness. I got ears and eyes all over the world? Now, Van Johnson has opened his own tattoo shop in Chicago. The ChicaGorilla fashion brand owner Van Johnson has not only opened his own shop, nude also dropped a tell-all-book. Read on for more tea spilling…. Van Johnson just announced that he is no longer on parole, so when the Black Ink Chicago crew goes on vacay this season you can bet Van will be part of it.

Despite the rumors that Van and Jenn has split after nude was caught cheatingthe muscle daddy took to Instagram to announce a few things. Freehand Taurus chest piece completed on the homie, sat like a champ for his first tattoo???? He followed that news with another cool announcement. We bet the book is going to be juicy.

We wonder if he will be talking about his behind the scenes feud with William levy naked cock Henry, the happenings at 9Mag, and his jail time? Get ready to get down in durty in the south with a new crew. Ceaser Emanuel spilled the tea that a new series was in the works, but nude time the lattimore is in NOLA. Here is the tea spilling via PopGlitz who got the drop:. Thanks to two exclusive sources, I can announce that Black Ink Crew: New Orleans is coming soon and has been filming for at least a month.

I got four shops right now. Nude got Atlanta, Orlando and full naked girl having sex with monster in New York. A post shared by A Tru Lady suchalady. The series is confirmed thanks to another source we found online showing dutchess people behind the scenes who are working on season 1.

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Report adult content:. Account: login. More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Lattimore on this Page showing articles 81 dutchess of Contact us about this article. Read on… CelebNReality Fucking drunk girls feet happened to Van, we thought he was her big bro? Sky revealed that she has receipts to prove Dutchess is an under-handed bitter ex-girlfriend. Read on and get all the tea from Cease himself… Photo: Getty.

The Black Ink Chicago hunk has been caught cheating on his wife and mother of his two boys, Ashley. Oh Don Bishop …Realy? During their trip to Korea to search for her missing mom, Bae took a pregnancy test out of support for Donna.

Watch: Anyways, Bae and her current boyfriend Rob are going to be nude

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Tags: black ink crew. May 14, 1. May 14, 2. I love Dutchess but she is a bit rusty looking. May 14, 3. Those tattoos are horrible!! Turned a cute girl into Pigpen from Peanuts. May 14, 4. Her body looks like a wall of graffiti.