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After you have done this, you can click here to reload TraffickCam. Please note that the current version ofTraffickCam is incompatible with iOS Toggle navigation. You can submit up to four photos by tapping on the camera icons above. Not sure what pictures to take? We recommend taking two pictures of the entire room from different locations, one picture of the bed from the foot of the bed, and one picture of the bathroom from the doorway.

Please make sure there are no people in your photos.

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By submitting these images, you agree that you are releasing them under a Creative Commons CC0 license. To the extent possible under law, this means you are waiving your copyright and related or neighboring rights. The only information TraffickCam collects about you is your hotel room, room number, photographs and the GPS location of your device.

To read more about how we use this information, you can read our Privacy Policy. The proof is right in the ad, if you know what to look for. Bruises and bite marks are other telltale signs for some victims. Seasoned experts like Smith can spot these markers, but they no longer have to do it all manually.

About a year ago, DeliverFund got an big butt colombian naked girl from a computer vision trafficking called XIX to automate the process.

Each sex ad contains an average of three photos, picture XIX can scrape and analyze about 4, ads per minute, which is about the rate that new ones are posted online. After working as an Air Force special ops rescuer for 11 years, McKinley became a CIA operative, where he encountered child trafficking cases. Inhe founded DeliverFund, a Dallas-based nonprofit that now has over 30 people spread across the U.

Working with just three people, and no image-rec tech, for its first three years, DeliverFund was still able to produce intelligence that led to the arrest of four pimps. The organization began staffing up humanwhen it helped law enforcement bust 19 traffickers and free 17 victims.

In the first nine months ofDeliverFund contributed to the arrests of 25 traffickers and 64 purchasers of underage sex. Over 50 victims were rescued in the process.


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DeliverFund also provided intel to assist the takedown of Backpage. In a controversial moveBackpage. After watching the Vice documentary, Mikhailov contacted DeliverFund and initiated a conversation about using computer vision to help scan photos. Will that be helpful? The company emerged from the winter cadre of startups backed by the Y Combinator accelerator program in Silicon Valley. It originally made Android software that predicted what users want to do—like offering to order an Uber when they leave work.

InXIX pivoted to computer vision but struggled to focus it into a business.

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XIX has since picked up a handful of paying clients. Another is a media company that uses the tech to search and retrieve images and videos from its archive. Smith reckons that digitizing the entire process cuts the time to develop an intelligence report from 22 days to just six hours. DeliverFund has partnerships with several other tech companies whose services help automate its work, including IBM and LexisNexis.

DeliverFund has provided intel to 63 different agencies across the U. Some are local, such as the Houston Police Department.