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We also know that Laree had been sharing our home address because people Laree knew visited Laree and brought food over to our home on more than one occasion. They hired Hammer, a newborn care specialist, to take care of their daughter Elektra in The suit claimed 11 months after being fired Hammer came around demanding money. The actress said Hammer was fired after seeing her being neglectful with her child. She also accused the nanny of wearing inappropriate clothes while working, left early regularly and broke their confidentiality agreement.

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Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. I went to the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Nothing but beer bongs and wet-shirt contests?

And Shakespeare? Did you do the role with that Southern lilt in your voice? Thank you, honey. Well thank you, honey. I tried to sneak some of her in there. Is she based on anybody you know? It all just comes from my imagination.

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But her obsession with weed, that's all you, right? What do you mean? You like the ganja? I actually believe you. That was easy.

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The name sounds very familiar. Oh wow. Oh my god! I would do it in a millisecond.

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Meaning what? He tried to bite you between takes? Not in the slightest. As in?

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Drive Angry is a movie about fast cars. What's your ride? How fast are you driving now?

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