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A Techno-remix, the video has went on to be viewed more than By Orihime, word of the international exposure of Loituma and their song "Ievan Polkka" eventually reached their home country of Finland with reports that the group were receiving a slew of fan-letters from foreigners, some citing "Leekspin" for their discovery. Meanwhile, the flash animation would then be embraced by the Japanese net, with parody images and ASCII-art creation being produced by anonymous users in Futaba Channel and 2channel. When the video sharing site Nico Nico Douga was established on March"Leekspin" became one of the first videos to take root on the site, with a minute loop of the animation being uploaded on the day of its launch.

The song gif shared to Niconico on September orihime, with gif music video featuring a cutely-deformed Miku, now known as Hachune Mikushaking a leek, in homage to the original "Leekspin" animation.

Alongside "Melt" and Miku Miku naked pics of assamese mom Shiteageru", this cover of "Ievan Polkka" is considered as one of the few songs that helped ignite the Vocaloid phenomenon on Niconico and launch Hatsune Miku into internet stardom and become an icon in otaku and popular culture in Japan.

In addition to parodies of "Leekspin", "Ievan Polkka" also went on to become a popular musical resource for MAD videos on Niconico during early View All Videos. View All Images.

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The six brothers are known for being gif identical in appearance, even though they have differences in their personalities, they are all labeled off as different breeds of idiots.

Throughout the two seasons of this beloved shown the brothers are constantly trying to find success in life through their own ways of becoming independent -even though they all ultimately fail in them end. This show follows the typical gag or sitcom rules - for the most part -throughout each orihime first, trying to accomplish some sort of goal; second, something going horribly although terribly wrong; finally, some solution is applied to fix whatever problem was caused.

With this style everything that could possibly go wrong in one episode is simply fixed in the next. This show had a huge difference in popularity between America and Japan; with it spring in gif in Japan then there only being one cosplayer at a well known convention in America. This fact is honestly really sad because this is a adorable show - abside from the crudeness of the gif overall. I will try my best to be entirely unbiased orihime I give this show its rating, but similar to Detective Conan this is one of my favorite animes.

The aspect of a family comedy show for an anime is extremely rare, especially one with no canon amounts of romance between the characters.

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Yes, I am talking about shows like Orihime and Eromanga Sensei. Each season of Osomatsu-san seems to revolve around a central theme of sorts. The first being trying to become successful adults, and then the second session is about acceptance and then finding a purpose to their lives. Theses concepts are quite deeps for a show that never really states anything about them expect for the first and last episode of each season. The show gif focuses on comedy and tries its best in entertaining its watchers by giving them a good laugh. I can not blame them on doing this because the show is described as a parody of sorts, not a drama or a tragedy.

For what this show has going for, it does a decent job portraying these themes, and sort of relating each episode of each season to the overall theme in some aspect. The six orihime themselves: Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu are amazingly cunts on beach developed for a show like this. No background episodes are necessary due to the entire show dedicated to them when they were kidsbut they do constantly reference the previous gif. Each characters is a stereotype for the main personality types of guys: pervert, attention seeker, brains, goth, hyper-active jockish… sorry Jyushi!!!

It is quite humorous having them all interact with each other and making wilma flintstone naked of each other while still sharing their own form of brotherly love. The fondest episodes of this show orihime me is season 1 episode 14 and 24 and season 2 episode The biggest complaint towards this show I would have to say was the lack originality in season 2 compared to season 1.

A lot of the episodes seems to hold crude jokes and skits as a fall back for their lack of unoriginality that season 1 possessed. When I go back to rewatch this show I always look at season 1 with greater fondness than season 2 because of this. The episodes from season 1 I always seem to rewatch more and enjoy more.

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Season 2, except for a few episodes near the beginning of the season, was pretty lackluster and way too predictable. Supporters browse the entire site ad-free, something we hope the whole world can do some day! Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Hot Orihime Gif Share. A simple animation I put together from a series of images I found elsewhere online. Uploaded here due to the deletion from DeviantART.

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