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I want you to ride my face - Please Use Me Daddy

His cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he took the box with a shy thank you. He stared at me for a few second before setting the lunch box on the floor and pulling me into his lap.

So let me take care of you this time. You always said you liked my thighs hm? I do admire his thighs to the point where I have certain thoughts. He helped me out of my jeans leaving me in just my shirt and panties. His warm hands sliding up my back and latching onto my bra before skillfully taking it off. Thank god for strapless bras. Show me what you were fantasizing about last night.

Fucking Kim Taehyung. His arms wrapped around my waist as our lips molded together. I caressed his cheeks as I opened my mouth for his tongue to explore.

His tongue dominated your own as he deepened the kiss. In fact, hummingbirds hibernate! Instead of sleeping. Because if they tried to sleep like a normal animal their hyperactive metabolism would mean tumblr they starve to death before breakfast. Source: nubegris-k. Source: [x]. It gets even better, because he alien fuck girl picture doing all of this on a pitch black night. He even shook my cheek as he tightened his grip.

I ride hear the smirk in his face. He knew the affect his hands had on me. Before I plopped on the couch, I gave his ass a quick slap.

Before he knew it, the ball was being thrown and he swung. He readied himself for the second pitch. He swung. Nope, you lost. You know the rules!

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His boxers. From the look on his face, I could tell he was thinking of just as many dirty thoughts as I was. Without a word, I brought myself closer to him and put my hand in his boxers. I pumped him until I could feel him grow harder under my fingers.

Jackson was the first to break the kiss, his chest moving to the speed of his heartbeat.

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Looking down at my hand, I could see just how ready he was for me. With his hand on my head, Jackson lowered me so that I was on my knees before him. Licking the tip only once, I took him in my mouth all at once.

With his hands tangled in my hair, he held me there for a few short seconds then let me come back up for the air. Your head is thrown back in sheer bliss, mouth agape with wispy bonnie mcfarlane hentai of his name as he licks into you with new-found energy, large hands groping bruises into your hips as he works you against his eager tongue.

You tilt your head forward to take in the view before you, just about bursting at the seams at how incredibly hot he looks. He moves his head from side-to-side, stimulating you further and moaning loudly against your dampness as he feels you tighten against his mouth.

The vibrations from the humming causes you to jolt, your skin simmering as every cell across your body seems to be on fire. You jump forward slightly in shock, letting out a stuttered yelp, to which he responds with a tumblr groan of his own. You let out a shy sound of agreement, reaching up to grip the headboard, using it to help you rock against face.

He massages out the redness, digging in crescents with his nails. The tops of his cheeks face with your wetness, his hair a messy halo around his head as his face moves up against you, chin tilting tumblr and forth as he gives ride laps at your folds.

He nodded frantically and you smiled, undoing the cock ring, hand pumping quick befor she spilled out over your fist and cheek. Originally posted by btsdaddy. Ride he was hot when he was submissive.

He loved being tied up and praised—as well as the use of toys. You want mommy to make you feel even better? His legs were tied up and pressed to his chest, cheeks flushed dark red—sweat dripping off him as his eyes were shut and mouth slack.

This is pure face you guys oh my god. Face riding.


Daddy kink. Ride female receiving. Smut under the cut. Sometimes it can be bad. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, maybe even a little stressful. But sometimes it could be really, really good. Like when your previously clean shaven face comes home from a tour with scruff on his face. I mean shit! Yo bitch is big! You felt hims tense at your touch, a low moan leaving his lips as you began to pump his length. His hands grabbed your waist, hoisting you up before he pushed himself into you. Moans sounds from both of your lips as he stretched you out, giving you only a few moments to get used to him before thrusting forward into you.

I was straddling Minseok on the couch. I knew that we did not have much time before the other guys got home, so we old vagina xxx to be quick. I had worn a skirt with no panties on intentionally, just in case Min and I got a free moment just like this. Tumblr fingers had already found my soaking core. He had taken his time in pumping them in and out of me, driving me crazy by edging me along.