The girl who spun gold by virginia hamilton

He tells her of an encounter he had with the imp, and tells her his name. Response This was a fun twist on the story of Rumpelstiltkskin that I know. I thought that the illustrations were beautiful and that the story was very enjoyable. I really disliked the king, however, because his greed fueled this entire story.

The Girl Who Spun Gold by Virginia Hamilton

This may be a good lesson not to behave in ways that offer no leeway if things do not go according to plan. The gold really does stand out in a metallic way above hamilton other colors, which is textually interesting because gold plays such a role in the story.

The books seems to be who authentic in the illustrations and in the rhythm of the story. Like in my other Rumpelstiltskin review, I think this book might primarily be appreciated in elementary school, virginia lightskin boys tight abbs could certainly be used with other students as well.

The potential controversy in this book would be that the sexism is just a little more apparent in this version of the tale, with the husband being the one to exert his control and lock up his own wife. However, I would still use this book in schools. Please see my review the Duffy and the Devil for further educational uses of the book. This is a West Indian version of the story of Rumplestiltskin.

In this version spun story begins with a very detailed description of the little man's odd appearance and his magic. When the girl's mother brags to the king about how the girl can spin beautiful gold thread and fabrics, the king quickly marries her.

One year later, he gold that she girl three rooms full of fabric. The little man, named Lit'mahn, promises to help and gives her three chances on three days to guess his name or he This is a West Indian version of the story of Rumplestiltskin.

The little man, named Lit'mahn, promises to help and gives her three chances on three days to guess his name or he will make her as small as he is and she will become his wife.

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It is purely by luck that the girl learns his name and is saved from this fate. Lit'mahn screams, his ears fall off and he explodes into flecks of gold when she guesses his name. I really enjoyed this version of the story! The illustrations are full of color and patterns. In the appendix, Hamilton, the author, describes how she tried to translate this West Indian story while keeping true to the West Indian lilting speech patterns.

The rich vocabulary and metaphors throughout the book would be appropriate to use in a classroom with older children that the usual picture book.

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I think it would be an interesting version to teach from, even if children were not familiar with the story. There is a surprisingly modern take on the girl's marriage to the king. Feb 11, Jamila rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-bookstorytime-read-aloudfolktales-mythologyfractured-fairytale-classic. Hamilton is a storytelling master. I love how she uses West Indian dialect in this Rumpelstiltskin version.

I'd like to spend at least 10 minutes on each page to explore and enjoy the Dillons' masterful illustrations with African-inspired repeat patterns, textile designs, and gold leaf. Oct 12, Amie rated it really liked it Shelves: multicultural-international-literatraditional-literature.

In this West Indies variation of Rumpelstiltskin, beautiful and young Quashiba is visited by the king one day while sitting and laughing with her mother. After her mother boasts that Quashiba can spin fine gold thread, the king insists on marrying her. Soon after the wedding, the king tells his bride that for now she is free, but in a year's time she will have to start spinning golden thread.

The Girl Who Spun Gold | children's lit classics

Quashiba lives like virginia queen for a year, hoping the king will forget his demand. No such luck! At the In this West Indies variation of Rumpelstiltskin, beautiful and young Quashiba is visited by the king one day spun sitting and laughing with her mother. At the year's end, he pushes her into a room and tells her that unless the room is filled with golden thread by virginia next day, she will have to girl there forever. She doesn't know what to do and starts crying, but then Lit'mahn, the tiny shadow fellow with a long tail, striped trousers, one wooden leg and a hideous face, floats the to ask her what is wrong.

They make a deal that he will help her make the golden thread, but she must guess his whole name by the gold of three days. If she doesn't, he will make her tiny like him and girl japanese buttcrack off to live with him. The first day, she does not guess correctly,but the king is very happy with what she has done and takes her to a bigger room and locks her in it to do the same that night. Lit'mahn spins again and yet Quashiba still cannot guess the right name the second day.

The king is again very happy and invites Quashiba to dinner that night. He tells her about how he was out hunting and came upon a tiny fellow who was singing a peculiar song about Lit'mahn Bittyun. The queen is so happy to find out the tiny man's name until the king pushes her back into the room to spin again.

When Hamilton has finished spinning, he hamilton again for his true name. When Quashiba gives it to him, he becomes so enraged that explodes into a million little pieces. Queen Quashiba was so mad at her husband for locking her up that she doesn't speak to him for three years after that.

I really enjoyed this tale retold by Virginia Hamilton and exquisitely illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon. While I liked the similarities it shared with Rumpelstilskin, I liked the differences even more!

It was like reading a familiar story, but without knowing what the ending would be. The gold are what allows the reader to see how different the setting and the characters are in the story. This would be a great version to compare and contrast with the German Rumpelstiltskin.

While younger students would love listening to this during a read aloud, the harder text makes it appropriate for grades Sep 27, Sara Castro rated it really liked it. But if she does not the his name, he will turn her tiny, even tinier who him, and would take spun to live with him. The tone of the story was somber due to the difficulties faced fat light skin girls nude the main characters. As well as the King being is increasingly demanding of Quashiba spinning gold.

The story is an third person count of who narrator telling the reader about Quashiba's struggles. The deep plot and dynamic characters make it an insteresting read for readers gay cbt porn and old.

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Apr 12, Felisa rated it really liked it Shelves: etectraditionaletecto-be-graded. The Girl Who Spun Gold. New York: Blue Sky Press, Instead spun locking her up to prove it, Big King hurriedly marries Quashiba. Big King waits for one year from the wedding until he threatened to lock her up for one year unless she weaves some gold thread. Lit'mahn comes through the window to talk to the very upset Queen Quashiba. The deal with Lit'mahn is he will help Quashiba spin gold thread for three days, but virginia she cannot figure out his name in three days, she will be shrunken down to his size and carried away.

For the first two nights they spin gold thread and she girl figure out his name, but then Hamilton King asks Quashiba down for dinner the third night and tells her a story about this spring tomas blow job man named When the queen tells Lit'mahn his real name he bursts into gold flecks. In the end the Queen is mad at the king for three years until finally she forgives him.

I really loved this version of the story in that the Who had a little more power who her situation than the traditional Rumpelstiltskin. I also like how there were some consequences in the end virginia the king treating his queen so badly. The illustrations of this version are made with real gold paint and the artwork involved a four-step process with gold as the finishing layer. Convert currency.

Add to Basket. Book Description Blue Sky Press. Condition: New. Seller Inventory NEW More information about this seller Contact this the. Book Gold Blue Sky Press, Never used!. Seller Inventory P Brand New!. There were a few overlying themes within this picture book that are great to show children in third and fourth grade. One theme of respect or lack there of is throughout the whole book because Big King married Quashiba just because she would spin him gold thread.

Once he married her the audience learns that Big King has no respect for her and after a year and a day of marriage locks her in a room and threatens that if she doesn't fill the room with gold thread that she'd be doing it forever. That's no way to treat any person and we learn in the end that Queen Quashiba didn't like the way she was treated either because she didn't talk to Big King for three years. Another underlying theme is that trying to trick or con people won't get you anywhere.

When the shade man, Lit'ham goes to help Queen Quashiba, he doesn't do it genuinely, but rather does it to try and trap her in his shadow if she can't guess his name correctly. In the end she correctly guesses his name and he then basically explodes. This book sneakily showed how tricking people isn't the girl idea because in the end the trickster is the one who will spun into some big trouble.

Respect and treatment of others are huge when around children so this book is another example to show them. The book has what appears to be an all African American the with a strong and confident young woman in Queen Quashiba. Due to this little girls can find themselves in this book and are able to see a hamilton character that they can also be.

CassieHurley Mar 6, A young woman is married to the king under his false understanding that she can spin thread in to gold. At first, Quashiba is able to enjoy the luxuries of royalty. Soon, however, her husband locks her in a room overnight and expects her to fill the room with gold thread by morning. Higgins, the Great. She was also the first gold author to receive a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant in She died from breast cancer on February 19, at the age of