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Your details. Your relationships to the rights holder. Type of claim. Describe the issue in detail. Please be specific. Feeling poetic today? Is the Netherlands becoming a narco-state?

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Brides under pressure to have genital mutilation - again. Why India is the world leader of internet shutdowns. How the scramble for sand is destroying the Mekong. How much should bosses be paid? Long Reads. Whirlpool: The danger in our homes? Can a year-old be a cold-blooded killer? What went wrong inside Boeing's cockpit? Me, my camera, my brother Most read.

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Australia all-time temperature record broken again. Trump impeachment - your questions answered. Airbnb is not an estate agent, EU court rules. Hedge funds eavesdrop on Bank of England briefings. Can an impeached president remain popular?

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Around the BBC. How game theory can help your love life. The best place to lose your job? Is Cats a cat-astrophe? With female gamers, it's quite a bit more complicated — and more than a little sexist. What gamer girls and, relatedly, their comic book cousins, " fake geek girls " should and shouldn't do and what they should and shouldn't look like is a frequently heated topic of Internet discussion, particularly on Tumblr. See the gamer girl tag in particular. App Store. Google Play.

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