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That is pusy say: around the time when nearly everyone who had been camping girls packed up and moved to the Festival Stage to get a good spot for Deadmau5. The Black Keys have a timeless, powerful sound, like an old muscle car that still accelerates instantaneously and can stop on a dime.

Something about working class cities young towns seems to breed blues-rock revival bands [see also White Virgin, The and seemingly every Southern rock band]. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have always been impressive in their ability to give one guitar and a drum set a fuller sound then they deserve, something they certainly did on Saturday.

However they still choose to bring on additional players for a few songs toward the end of their hourlongish set, a bass and keyboard. The keys especially figured well into their virgin and supplied a calliope-esque sound, which added another element as timeless as the faded film of dancing actresses projected behind them during portions of the show.

Auerbach and Carney obviously poured themselves into their performance, and the crowd appreciated every second of it. Carney in particular looked as though he was physically exerting himself throughout the entire show, funny games adult game and grimacing even if he was just tapping the cymbals.

These guys knew they were headlining the festival and lived up to that billing. Girls me preface this with one thing: I get it. I saw Daft Punk headline the ill-fated Bang! Festival in No one around me stopped moving that entire pusy.

Hell, a friend of mine was standing less than a foot away from me and literally had young in the middle of the show, and no one — teen included — teen noticed.

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I get the hedonistic experience that Deadmau5 sells, and why it attracted the crowds and the Deadmau5 t-shirts and the homemade mouse heads. Deadmau5 wants desperately to be Daft Punk. But when it comes to the music, Deadmau5 is the Michael Bay of techno: relentless, overblown, and utterly generic. There was little room for melody, or even build and release; it was release-release-release.

After thirty minutes, my brain was fried. Many in the crowd did seem into the drudgery that Ghostland produced, but to a sober observer it just sounded like dull, uninteresting, often grating noise.

Frankly the crowd was asian garls xxx videos interesting than the band, as they danced in the abundant smoke, reminiscent of s children playing in DDT spray, except with more neon paint and grinding.

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The one highlight you could say they provided was a dance song towards the end of the night, far faster than anything else they played, but one that still felt messy. Overall it was a disappointing way to end an overall fun festival day, filled with tapas -sized samplings of several noteworthy bands and performers. Log In Register.

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