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Yeah buddy It hurts: When your gym crush screams "yeah buddy! Jesus Christ my fuckin head. A: No I don't want him and to be very honest with you I don't see why you want your buddy Q: Do nessa devil nude have a problem with me? But I have 69 missed calls, text messages and 20 messages where he asked me out.

So for someone who isnt talking to me he sure as shit blows me up and stalks the hell out of me. Take Q: Do you consider yourself successful? A: Have you seen my memes? A: No bitch but you are get the fuck I'm ready to be someone's girlfriend. I'm going to shut my I'm going to try atleast smartass mouth this time. A: Dude, I don't give a shit. It's never going to happen. Keep your pathetic fantasy in your own fantasy world.

Just because Yeah said I wanted to get into a relationshipI never mentioned I wanted to date you in specific. A: I'm not fixing shit gif nobody bitch fuck you Wednesday at PM. Q: Why are you single?

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Gif want to see if my man is cheating Like Comment Share send me his name Dick fisk nude images I'm not sending yeah my information and I'll look it up for you resterday at PM I just want to talk to someone about my problems but I literally don't have anyone to talk to Buddy First off bruh I'm not even coming.

So whatever you have in your pathetic imagination will happen only in your mind. Share Comment Wednesday at PM. Like Share Comment Q: Why did you reject my friends request? Is it because I'm ugly? A: Not at all doll. I'm almost at my friends limit so I'm saving it for friends and family.

When you wake up the morning after Ladies Night but then remember it’s $1 doubles:

And no one is physically ugly what makes people ugly is the way they act and present themselves. You want to hear both sides of the story? Go die in a fire PEDO!!! You took him out of context. He was talking about kids doing drag and how he saw it as an art form, while you saw gif as sexual. I'm not going to get into that debate considering I don't even know how I feel about it, but at no point did he say the teen topless in car were stripping.

You took yeah context yeah on your own. Now, admittedly, a lot of the buddy who watch these kids dance are pedofiles. Teresias mentioned that. He also said the kids should be allowed to do what they want if it's what they want to do literally saying it would be wrong if the parents forced them to do it.

I'm not siding with either of you guys on this, considering both of y'all seem to be biased and have completely different stories on how this thread went down. If you could link it, that would be great. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to agree that he's a pedo just because you say he is. And if what he's saying is true, and that he wasn't talking about stripping but rather drag as a performance art, then I would say you did go a bit buddy with saying you wanted him arrested and saying he was a pedo, which are serious charges and grounds for slander.

Though again, that's if his side is true If you could link the gif thread, I'd appreciate it.

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I don't like making up conclusions until I've seen both sides of the story. Reply Vote 6h Yeah buddy this is clearly the wrong sub for you. There is absolut no exception to sexualized chil dren and the LGBT community turn more and more into degenerates. I didn't take anything out of context here.

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This person is a sick fuck that needs to be locked up. If you defending that type of scum you can buddy him right away. I have no tolerance for people like this. Vote 2h There are no two stories. There is only yeah. A disgusting pedophile working as a social worker yeah bragging about his easy access to little children. A person that very openly supports grooming. There is no "art" here. Every person that tries man feet porn normalize pedophilia with this drag kids logic deserves to be hang on then next tree.

This is the story. Full stop one 41 40m He mentioned he was a social worker to say "see, they wouldn't hire a pedo for this position! And there's two sides to every story. Again, can you tell me where this thread is? Vote 38m You can't find that anymore. The mods are in on this to and also apparently you. Have fun jerking of to children you God damn sickos. Hope you all get hanged gif SOon. Now I'm not a pedo, nor do I defend them.

I believe along the same lines as you: that ped ofiles who act on their urges gif go to prison and those that don't should get mental help and not be allowed anywhere near children. I just like to fact-check and get the buddy story before coming to a conclusion.

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