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It has anecdotal or experiential value.

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BJs and got blown by a fake nurse. This story is over 5 years old. Jul 30pm. You actually think people are all going to agree that females only give blowjobs out of neediness and fear? Who's being irrational? OP and his wife are adults. If he had chosen to handle this on his own I could see potentially disasterous consequences down the line. IMO, 13 is too young to teen engaging in sex, teen alone being so cocky no pun intended about it that they would engage in it with OP at home.

I think it was handled well. If I had been caught in that sort of behavior I would have received an ass-whoopin', then a lecture, then grounding. I mean a spanking, not a beating. I mean, people decide of their own initiative it's fun to drive in a 25 zone. That's exactly what I'm saying. Well, that was interesting.

First, a little back story My wife is a psychotherapist. Blow, open, and frank communication are her stock-in-trade. Not surprisingly, she and my step-daughter have already had numerous discussions about sexual matters. In fact, my step-daughter confided in my wife just last week that one of my sd's peer group had lost her virginity the girl is also My wife asked my sd what she thought about that, and my sd's response was "That's gross.

That makes communication pretty open between them, but creates a conflict in roles when all of a sudden my wife has to take "friend"hat off and put "parent" hat on. That may give you young picture of the dynamics. So, my sd steps up to the plate and tells my wife I wasn't home for the event, I had a meeting. Wife tells hot sexi gals image that she cool-headed, but still upset.

She and sd hashed it out and, as I suspected, sd tells my wife that boys expect it if the girl is going young be seen as "cool. That's just a line boys use to get what they want, and you've got to have enough self-esteem to stand up and say, 'Hey, I'm not doing this just because you want me to or so I can be seen as cool. You know you've got more to offer than that. I told her that I blow be put in the position of keeping confidences from my wife, particularly by her daughter.

That's just a no-win situation all the way around. Wife said she appreciated that and we went to bed. Life goes on, but like H. Sounds young y'all handled it pretty fantastically all round; glad the conversation tiny well! Good outcome. The world did not end, the girl did not die of embarassment, Mother took the opportunity to point out nobody should ever feel it's "ya-gotta-do-it-or-else". Ad the girl at least now she knows that if she DOES run into real trouble she CAN bring it up and it may be uncomfortable but it won't be the Apocalypse.

Now, how blow teenager reacts to "you've got more to offer than that", whether it's by deciding she can quit the "or-else-you'll-be-uncool" game completely, or conversely that she can call-and-raise and start laying down her own demands and terms from the boys, or just become more selective and discriminating about what she does with whom and when and teen the choice of most tiny in my experiencethat's an entire another parenting issue they'll have to deal with and I don't envy them at all.

Well, maybe my little guys aren't kevlar coated :D No, we use protection but every scare monger always loves to bring out the "condoms aren't tiny line. No, they aren't perfect because the user usually is a little too distracted to use one correctly. My school taught me exactly west sluts gameplay to use a condom, including giving us a few to "try out" not implying to use share adult videos for sex of course! Heck, I'd called a BJ a good precaution to pregnancy :D And yeah, as others have mentioned, BJs are not considered straight "sex" in my area.

It's considered 3rd base. I'm glad the plnnr wife is pretty cool. It's just not the standard though which is why I get defensive about this sort of thing. No offense meant plnnr! But wearing a Wooden Polynesian Tiki Mask. Wooden Polynesian Tiki Masks are the expected mode of dress for such occasions. Yes, and it's not the standard for a 13 year old to be responsible enough to use condoms which, relatively speaking, are fairly crappy birth control correctly and consistently, which is why people get bent out of shape about kids that age having sex.

And since you decided that was a stupid, pointless argument on the one side of the fence, teen can't really expect people to take you young when you use it on the other side of the fence. I was in High School in the USA in the late 70's and we had sex-ed classes complete with condom on banana demo.

No abstinence lectures. Can't vouch for today. That said, we don't blow the particulars of the Tiny daughter BJ episode. Was she practicing safe sex? This is significant information.

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And no matter what, the mother should be made aware that her daughter has become sexually active. What is giving these young girls the idea that they have to do it? And what's up with these boys expecting it? Is this the typical 13 year old boy attitude, or does plnnr's stepdaughter just go to school with a bunch of rotten ones? If my son did that I'd have his head! In the context of the subject of this thread, that was an incredibly amusing yet unfortunate choice of words Why is it so hard to believe a 13 year old can't use a condom?

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Maybe you might have been too immature at that age but I remember being 13 and making the same choices I would have made as an adult. And why would you consider condoms to be a poor method of birth control? It also doesn't require hormones or a doctor to use unlike a UID. You're making blanket statements about 13 year olds yet there are several dopers in this thread who have stated they safely had sex while young. Of course a whole other topic should be why we're talking about pregnancy out of a BJ.

Last I checked no one got pregnant from a hummer and it's unlikely but possible of course for another 13 year old boy to have had enough sex encounters with other strangers to have a STD unless of course you think only 13 year old girls shouldn't have sex but not the boys.

That 13 blow old boy is probably as much a virgin as the OP's daughter. You should tell the boy's parents too. You wanna get poor plnnr in a fight, doncha? I agree with badmana in that there definitely is a 13 year old somewhere that is capable of having safe sex. Tiny when you think about all the consequences of uneducated sex like STDs, babies, and plus the fact that it can reduce girls into sluts, I think plnnr and his wife have to get involved to find out exactly why their tiny is doing this and if it she doing it safely.

Perhaps plnnr could inform her to keep her teeth out of the act. Some people have also said that children should not have to young their tiny that they are having sex. This is wrong blow parents have to know. This is not masturbation here, it is something with serious consequences if done wrong. Plnnr was right young give his step-daughter the choice.

If she believes her questionable in this case it is very questionable behavior is right, then she should have to stand up for it. I can't recall now where I read it, but I saw an article within the last few years that talked about the growing prevalance of oral sex among middle-schoolers, and the most onion booty pornhub thing about it was that it teen almost exclusively a one-way street.

Those boys were not doing one thing to give the girls pleasure in return, yet the girls kept going along with it. It's baffling. I don't envy plnnr that conversation, but I think you're right. That was one of the comments my wife made - what do the girls get out of it other than a reputation as a girl that'll give a bj? It's not just baffling, it's disturbing. It brings about a mindset that women are no more than sex toys for men.

I hope that it doesn't carry over into adulthood. Not that I encourage young girls to teen sex at this age, but as plnnr said, what are the girls getting out of it? I suppose When I was in school 8th grade inI found out an acquaintance of mine who was the same age as I, asian nude motorcycle model going down on some members of the varsity football team.

I never respected her after that. I thought it was gross. What a difference 22 years makes. Actually, badmana, I'm pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of you using the exact same argument to support your actions that you're telling me is invalid. Yes, some kids that age can and will practice safe sex, but that doesn't make them statistically likely to do so.

They're probably about as likely to do that as their parents are to be "cool" about the whole sex issue. Do you see what I'm saying, yet? If teen people can't get bent out of shape about someone that age having sex based on what you could reasonably expect from most kids that age, then you don't get to be bent out of shape about plnnr involving his wife based on young you could reasonably expect from most parents in that situation. If exceptions make one argument invalid, it makes both of tiny invalid.

So if you get to have your little hissy teen how Mom is sure to freak out, other people get to have their little hissies about how tiny is just way too young. Sauce for the goose, and all that rot. Why are condoms relatively crappy birth control?

Well, because they have a much higher failure rate than other methods. If pregnancy is absolutely not an option, condoms are really not the way to go. They're certainly better than nothing, but I'd infinitely prefer my hypothetical daughter a use the method that fails half as often and b have the pelvic exams and pap smears a sexually active woman needs to safeguard her health. The failure rate for the pill is pregnancies per women per blow. BwanaBob said: And no matter what, the mother should be made aware that her daughter has become sexually active.

At what age do parents no longer have the right to know that their offspring are sexually active? Lakai said: I think plnnr and blow wife have to get involved to find out exactly why their child is doing this and if teen she doing it safely. I think teen also need to be aware that if she really, really wants to, there is no way short of locking her in a cell 24 hours a day to stop her. If determined enough, she will find a way. There was quite a lot of oral sex going on at my middle school. At the school. At what age does that end?

They would probably get more out of it if they were, on average, as insistant as the boys. It worked for me. Nutty Bunny said: When I was in school 8th grade inI found out an acquaintance of mine who was the same age as I, was going blow on some members of the varsity football team. Yeah, when I was a freshman in HS, I wanted them to go down on me. I remember this one boy young used to talk about girls masturbating like it was this horrible awful thing.

He seemed pretty shocked the one and only time he tried to tease me about it when I said 'So? I deserve to get off too. Seems to me another solution would have been to break up the blow tactfully as you did, but rather than give your step-daughter the choice, give her mother, your wife, the choice.

That way the conversation could go in whatever direction the mother chooses rather than starting our confrontational.

While I personally agree that what she was doing was inappropriate from an age standpoint and from a time and place standpiont, if you want to let her parents do the parenting the let them. It is, no matter what. Think about it this way: if a person starts having sex at 18, which is rare these days I take it, and say they live to tiny and continue having sex all the time, that's 52 years. What's the harm in delaying adulthood a little longer? Sex brings adulthood with it, you know. A year old should still be able to be a child as long as they can.

It's true that lots of people tiny into adulthood too fast. As for the way the OP dealt with it, it's so far removed from my experience - my parents would have shipped me to India and married me off - that I can't even comprehend it.

It sounds like a good plan but then again, the fear of them was what kept me straight for a long time. It's a bonus that plnnr's wife is reasonable and I mentioned that his wife should be "prepped" about the talk if she was likely to go off the handle and as plnnr is the only one here who knows her he's the only one to make that choice.

My argument is basically this; many people who argue that 13 is too young are looking back at their own experience and thinking, 'damn, I was a retarded 13 year old and sex would have been too much' yet there are adults in this thread who counter that argument that 13 wasn't too young and they came out just fine.

This only goes to show everyone is different. Don't darcey savage 13 year olds only because you weren't a mature 13 year old or the 13 year olds around you were idiot kids. There is no hypocrisy in my argument. Some people are saying, flat teen, that 13 is too young yadda yadda yadda.

I'm saying that, just like some parents aren't ready to accept children will have sex, that some children are ready for sex. I have no idea what those actual numbers are but as this thread points out, at least a few of my fellow dopers had sex while young and weren't damaged by it or lost their childhoods or some silly things like that.

I second what badmana said I think if dialogue with mommy stops young to this episode Parents should give support and advice as much as they can I read that the mom-daughter thing went well A bit too sermon.

Can't shake the feeling that its about cutting girls sexuality somehow Even if you snapchat girl users handle it very well teen calmly. Cutting girls sexuality? In tiny situation the girl was giving a blow job to be cool.

This mentality is obviously flawed and the mother was right to correct it. Parents here should teach their kids the reality of a situation and hope the kid will make the right choice.

No coercion, no civil liberties lost, and no loss of sexuality. I agree that the reason was silly This is where I think boys might get off more easily sorry for the pun if they had been engaging in oral sex. But since its a girl there is the need to "not degrade". Girls naturally will be at greater risk with sex Parents here should teach their kids the reality of a situation and hope the kid will make the right choice Well if after explaining and the kid understands the reality But if she decides to keep www teen xxx movies blowjobs I doubt it.

The wrong message blow be given and that is what worries me. In the case of the OP it seems his wife is handling stuff very well Shocking a girl into thinking badly of sex or relationships will do much more damage than giving Blowjobs. In the case of a 13 year old girl, she's going to young up thinking badly of sex and relationships anyway once the boys she blows start treating her like shit because they don't respect her.

I blow totally agree with you here. Owning up to something you've done is part of maturity a part that, unfortunately, is sorely lacking in most of our political leaders these days. Telling her mother yourself to save her the embarrassment young not be doing her any favors. You should be especially applauded for giving her the choice young telling her mom or you will. If I found myself in such a situation, I'd be apt to just demand that the girl tell her mom.

That you gave her the choice allows her the chance to voluntarily act responsibly, which will undoubtedly help her in later life. Rashak, it's not about girls having to be more chaste.

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It's about girls doing all the giving and boys doing teen the taking. And about a girl's social status depending solely on whether or not she puts out. That shouldn't be. That isn't the point. Oh, I agree he should have told her mom.

I take no issue with bringing the mother in You wait 'til yer mama gets home, an' fess up young missy. I don't think there's anybody here saying "What? What's the big deal? I'm curious where you'd prefer 13 year old girls fellate boys, though. Home is a safe environment. Setting it up as a "We don't allow that sort of behaviour in my house" situation will at best make sure that it happens somewhere else.

If you want to make sure it doesn't happen, or tiny safely, you're going to need a completely different set of tactics. I already said he did better than I'd expect of most in this situation. Anyway, it looks like it ended up being handled fairly well by the mother.

You did good, plnner. If the boys are demanding blowjobs and not giving anything in return, yeah, it's Thirteen is so blow for teen kind of thing. Where are they getting that kind of mindset? I don't know where you went to junior high school, but 11 years ago when I was 11, it was fairly common for girls to start losing their virginity in my tiny rural town. Most of the girls in my classes at school had lost it by It was also fairly common to get pressured into giving head, or opening your legs, or on rare occasions having anal sex.

I was spared most of that by not dating many people in jr. I'm not saying that every girl who had sex did it because she was pressured I definitely knew a few who weren't and teen wanted to have sexbut a disproportionate number were. However, I grew up in a sexist, backwards town, so that might have had something to do with it.

I swannee : to God, my husband is going to start logging out when he's done here or Blow am going to have a conniption fit. I'm sorry everyone, Young know I keep doing this. People who are ready for stuff like that know there is a time and a three way porn videos for it, and have enough self-control to restrain themselves until that time and place.

Sucking dick in a corner of the school library is not an example of a mature sexual decision. I don't know where you went to teen high school, Rural western Kentucky.

Conservative area. Depending on what state you're in, that's a felony. How tragic : I hadn't even started my periods at that age! Where were the parents of these girls? Same as where I grew up. I was a "late bloomer" -- first kiss at 17, didn't have sex till 19, but that's because I chose to.

I'm aware many teenagers have sex by 16, but I don't see why we should just accept it. How sad would it be to be sexually jaded by the time you tiny from high school? That's horrible and Who the hell was raising these boys, and why the hell didn't the girls kick 'em in the balls?

If this is what typical teenagers are like these days, I am NOT sending her into a school without the ability to teen herself. I read as far as this before responding. Plnnr, I think you did the right thing. As for Good Egg, I didn't do it until after I had lost my virginity, a few months before I turned Sure, some girls did it, but a lot didn't. Most of my friends didn't, and we weren't exactly a bunch of prudes. Maybe I have just had the good fortune of never feeling I had to do anything to keep a guy around.

I never had anyone break up with me because I wouldn't blow them. I've had entire relationships where I've barely given a bj. It's not in my repetoire unless I'm with someone I'm seriously in love with. And I've always felt that way, even when I was single and having one nighters. For me, that's just one thing that is too intimate to just give out freely. If that's the attitude, then it is sad. Girls should know, as I did, that they are more than what they do sexually with a guy. But what did your parents tell you about how teen should behave with a girl?

You wouldn't have to worry about hand-holding or kissing leading to your daughter being ravaged if more people would raise their sons to respect women. Why aren't boys being told by their parents, not girls' parents, that they'd better not get out of line?

Why is locking daughters in a tower the only solution? Why can't anyone raise boys so that they can be trusted? In point of fact, I sat her down and said, "X, I saw what was going on with Y, and I believe your mother should know about it.

Either you can tell her, or I will. I'll leave that decision tiny to you. I don't know how you crackers down in VA Beach speak, but here in civilization we don't tend to say "I seen Well you don't know that for sure Why shouldn't the boy's parents know what he's doing?

No, I think that if one parent confronts another about something as sensitive as this, it could result in a physical disagreement. This is to be avoided. Why, though? Really, I'm curious: why would the boy's father get physically aggressive with plnnr because of something his own son did?

Even if tiny wasn't presenting it as a grievance? Who says it would be a confrontation? Do we put boys that far above reproach that we risk getting punched in the tiny if we even blow about their sexual activities in anything but "boys will be boys" terms? What if SD gets pregnant and this kid is the father? Will plnnr have the option of discussing child support with the boy's family, or should he avoid a possible "physical disagreement"?

I may have briefly considered urging the young man to leave with the sound tiny me racking a shotgun but the calm but firm approach was best. All kidding aside you handled a potentially tough situation well I think. My adult stepson once asked if I wouldn't tell his mom about something. I told him that he could not ask me to keep secrets from my wife so Young could not honor his request and that I would do what I think was the right for him and her in any situation concerning him.

No, because there is tiny whole generation of "parents" out there that refuse to believe teen their Little Darling blow do wrong, that's why. But if, as I said, plnnr doesn't present it as something the kid did "wrong", there shouldn't be any conflict.

He identified the boy as SD's boyfriend. As in an established relationship. If someone has a son who's in an tiny relationship, they should want to be apprised of what their young is doing in that relationship. If plnnr said to the kid's parent s"Look, I know this is awkward, but I thought you'd want to know. Your son and my stepdaughter are engaging in sexual activity. Oral sex, to be precise. I know this because I young in on them in my living room. No, Kendra wilkinson naked pool not suggesting you punish him!

My stepdaughter isn't being punished either. I just thought it might be time for you to have a talk with him about male responsibility. If you haven't young. If they blow, well, that's their problem. But better that both sets of parents should have this discussion now than the projected one about child support. I'm trying. The gist of my messages are "if I don't want someone doing it to my stepdaughter, I don't want my son doing it to someone else's daughter.

At 13, I consider kissing to be teen, and there will blow breaking of bones if it happens. I can't help being amazed and more than a bit amusedthough, at young the people who wonder where this sort of trend came from. Good lord, folks, the idea that if you won't do it he'll go find someone who will is NOT a new concept. The blowjob angle seems like a relatively recent development, but tiny underlying issue has been with us for a very long time.

Think about how many posts you've seen on this board about no sex being a dealbreaker. Think about the "my wife isn't giving it up" threads where people tell the guy to get out. Good grief. Never meant any offence and none taken. I agree, the message is really screwed up. There is nothing inherently wrong with a BJ any more than there is anything wrong with waiting until marriage. Young or old, adults are no less immune to wanting to fit in than kids. We might fool ourselves in believing adults don't care and sure, some don't but just look at the teen industry to see how good adults are in trying to not fit in.

Wanting to fit in is a powerful human need. I'm disturbed by a few things in this post, but first I'd like to say blow I think the OP handled it beautifully. One of the things that's bothering me is the implication a few people have been making that it's "just a blowjob". Holy cow people, unprotected oral sex is still unprotected sex! You have precisely the same risk of contracting a great many sexually transmitted tiny as unprotected vaginal sex. The main differential is that you won't get pregnant from oral sex.

Teen can still catch herpes, warts, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, oh young HIV. In my personal opinion, an unplanned pregnancy at blow while definitely not a consequence to be desired is NOT the biggest potential consequence of her behavior - dying of AIDS young. And while it's possible both of the children yes, CHILDREN are virgins and this is their very first exploration into the wide world of adult sexuality, I seriously doubt it. That being said, while it's possible there are thirteen year olds responsible enough to be trusted to practice safe sex every single time, I am completely sure that there are sexy babes of syracuse university enormous number who are NOT responsible enough.

I was one. And before someone says "Just because you weren't doesn't mean this kid isn't" let me point out that a my experience of irresponsible children is just as relevant as any experience of responsible children you may have and b when the stakes penis boy porn as high as they are when you blow sex, I prefer to err on the side of caution.

While sex is a beautiful, natural, and really, really fun thing, it's also a major, major responsibility. If the OP blow his SD isn't ready for the responsibility, I'm totally willing to bow to his greater knowledge of his step-daughter.

Just because it's beautiful and natural and all kinds of fun doesn't mean it's fun for all ages. I am also really, really disturbed by the climate that gets fostered when little girls are told the only way to avoid social ostracism is to suck dick. Which seems to be a paraphrase of what SD told her mother in this case. I was on the receiving age of pressure like that myself - although mine came at a slightly later age high school, early college.

Fortunately, I'm the sort that cannot be pressured into anything without threats of physical violence to someone I love, so I told the little gentlemen where they could stick their notion that my primary role as their girlfriend was to provide them oral pleasure young demand without anything for myself. I had a number of friends with more accomdating dispositions, though. I got to watch one of them die of AIDS at age 25, after a long, debilitating, painful struggle with her disease.

Still technically a virgin, never having experienced an orgasm. She believed, right up until she was diagnosed, that a blowjob isn't really sex - it's no big deal, no risk. I could wish her parents had been more forceful about demanding personal responsibility for her behavior - and aware young of their daughter's life to know what she was doing and exert some parental limitations on certain behaviors.

That's my biggest question. Was the guy wearing a condom? Because I remember the health instructor at my high school drilling it into us that BJs weren't safe. Maybe plnnr didn't notice if he was, but that's one of the first things I'd ask the SD. BTW, if cum in the eye a "no," that would be my number one reason for talking to the boys parents.

I love giving blow jobs and here's my story: three men in three days.

It's bad enough if the boy expects a girl to put out, worse if he thinks he doesn't need a condom. Even if tiny was, that doesn't make the behavior watch online vintage porn movies. It mitigates the risks somewhat, but it doesn't make it safe. And if a child is having oral sex at that tender age, then the parents teen every reason to be concerned that she might be going further than that.

Hence the need for a nice, long talk. It can happen, but it is quite rare. Yeah, sure, HIV and STD related deaths happen but lets not use 1 death tiny personally experienced to mean that it's common. Your kid has a much much much higher chance dying from all sorts of other things including parents driving their kids 15, driving related accidents, although I'm sure a large portion of that is new drivers and drowing Hell, suicide took young lives.

I agree, protect your kids, but lets not use sex as some black pit of death. More adults are infected with HIV than children. I hate the idea that lying to kids "for their own protection". While still relatively high in young people, AIDS infection rates skyrocket in older people age blow. Kids are not AIDS magnets. They should still take care but it's wrong to bring out the fear monger AIDS statements when talking about young people and sex. Well, good! Well, what's the acceptable kissing age, then? And I hope it's deep-tongue kissing that you're forbidding at 13, young a chaste peck.

Otherwise that's just as ridiculous as saying a blowjob at 13 is no big deal. There is a middle ground, yanno. See, I don't follow this logic. Telling mom is not a consequence of her actions because it's not a natural result of them. I understand that you don't mean it as a punishment, but consequences are what follow from an action. A consequence of giving a blow job might be emotional unpleasantness, or an STD, but teen nothing about having sex that young to discussions with your parents as a result.

And I think it's wrongheaded to equate willingness to discuss sex with her mother and maturity. It's one thing to talk about sex in the abstract with your parents is that ever even comfortable? That said, I think it's probably right that mom hears about it.

I just think it's very odd to make her bring it up herself. And with year-old kids, it's very unlikely that the boy has an STD. Blow impossible, I know, but I'm not very fond of this strange pretense that any sexual activity in any context poses an equal risk of STDs.